Hello world!

I founded The Florida Healthcare Law Firm in response to the deficiencies typically found in law firms—lack of transparency, uncertain pricing, poor communication, and a devaluation of the role of instinct and life experience.

Over the course of my years practicing law, I’ve found that my satisfaction and my clients’ satisfaction is directly related to the quality of the relationship. More transparency, unabashed honesty and clearer communication about what I am doing and what I am charging directly translates to better and longer term relationships. Too often I’ve seen lawyers get stuck in the legal and financial details and leave their clients without practical advice on how to accomplish their objectives.

I know that what I am doing is unique among law firms, and I’ve decided to (1) say that, and (2) make commitments to myself and my clients in terms of how business is transacted. For instance, our firm does many things on a flat fee basis, and we commit to providing you what you want when you need it. I enjoy bringing to my clients useful and straightforward advice based on my more than 23 years of experience “seeing what works and what doesn’t.”

At the end of the day, I think the way we do things makes more business sense and is more enjoyable for everyone. I hope you agree.

Jeffrey L. Cohen
Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Health Law

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