CMS Changes E-Prescribing Penalty Program

Physicians who are using a qualified e-prescribing program on only 25 Medicare claims over the course of the entire year, can claim a 1% bonus (2% in 2010). The only have to add a single code to the claim to qualify ( G8553). 2011 is the last year physicians can switch to e-prescribing without generating a penalty. In 2012, physicians filing at least the minimum 25 Medicare claims will receive a 1% bonus, but those not doing so will incur a 1% penalty! In 2013, the incentive drops to 0.5%, and the penalty increases to 1.5%. In 2014, and beyond, there will be no incentive, but the penalty will rise to 2% and remain there. Physicians can obtain a FREE e-prescribing system by signing up at

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