5 TIPS to Hiring Great Employees

By: Brian Torchin, Guest Contributor compliance

You have started the process of medically integrating your chiropractic office, you spent thousands on contracts and corporate structure, your integrated medical office is taking off, you’ve already realized you can’t do it all alone. You need key people to help you grow.

But hiring good employees for a Chiropractic/ Medical office is harder than you think. You may interview shrewd candidates prepared to answer common questions with poise and ease, or aspiring applicants that look great on paper. Neither will necessarily be what you need.

The truth is, making a great hire is an art, not a science. There might be tons of aspiring job applicants, but perhaps few that would be a well-rounded fit.  What would the cost be if you hired a medical Doctor  and then 3 months later they quite. You would have to search again, train again and of course re-credential AGAIN…. Costs would be enormous

It’s vital to get it right the first time.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Don’t hire yourself

Hiring the candidate that reminds you of yourself when you were younger is tempting, but it won’t give you what you need. You need to build a team of people who complement one another, not a group who share your shortcomings as well as your virtues.

Fill in the gaps in your team

You may favor certain personality traits but hiring a group of people with the same qualities is a sure way to set off a clash of personalities, and it may create gaps in your team. If you only hire ultra-organized people, for example, you may not have someone creative enough to bring in new ideas and ways of doing things.

Never underestimate the value of goodwill

You no doubt have worked with employees who operate on their own agenda and not in the company’s best interests. Beware of them in your applicant pool; many of them know how to give a great interview.

Be a private investigator

Don’t be afraid of asking tough questions, or of asking the same question in different ways or digging to find the dirt. You may find that certain inconsistencies come out on repeated answers. At the very least, if the answer is rehearsed it won’t feel so natural the second time.


If you’re working 12-hour days, chances are you’re seeing more of your employees than some of your closest family. So ask yourself: Are you ready to “marry” the candidate? Even if your relationship is only professional, you have to like him or her.

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