Healthcare Trend Alert: PRP Therapy


By: Bruce Bertman, Guest Contributor

In a time of diminished reimbursement and intense challenge in providing quality medical care when patient volume is maximized: adding a low risk, cash component to your practice may be just what the doctor ordered.  Success in recent clinical trials and strong celebrity endorsement and visibility has stimulated interest and demand for PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy in an array of treatment applications. Recent Google statistics show that “PRP Therapy” was searched for 62,050 times per month locally over the past 30 days alone!

PRP therapy uses components of the patient’s own blood to inspire the body to heal from within. The process involves drawing the patient’s blood, separating the components by centrifugation, activating them and re-injecting the concentrated platelets at the desired site. The result is the intentional onset of inflammation that culminates in cell regeneration and healing.  For Aesthetic purposes (hair regeneration and skin rejuvenation) the final phase of the protocol utilizes a form of micro-channeling to further infuse regenerative growth factors; PPP (Platelet Poor Plasma) superficially into the patient’s skin. For Orthopedic applications it is even easier to bring relief to a patient and see significant improvement. There are studies showing remarkable results for patients being treated for hamstring tears, Articular Cartilage Avulsion, Rotator Cuff injuries, chronic Tendinosis and basic tendon repairs.

The average price of a treatment ranges from $700 to $1000 and only takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. Because of the autologous nature of the treatment, there is virtually no risk of complications and very few contraindications.  Clinical trials are on-going and a CPT-T Code does currently exist for this natural, regenerative therapy. PRP can be a terrific way to provide your patients value while, at the same time, enhancing your practice’s revenues.

Bruce Bertman is the owner of Zizion Group, a medica device distributor focused on helping physicians deploy natural integrative therapies. For more information please contact Bruce at 561-221-1000 or and visit Zizion online at

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