The Florida Healthcare Law Firm Goes National

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The Florida Healthcare Law Firm Announces National Expansion

(Delray Beach, FL) June 21st, 2012 – The Florida Healthcare Law Firm, one of Florida’s leading healthcare law firms, today announced a major increase in their legal practice capabilities with the official launch of the National Healthcare Law Firm, a d/b/a and new portal of the firm. The expansion to a national platform providing healthcare legal services to physicians and healthcare businesses is one that significantly increases resources for clients who lack qualified local healthcare counsel. While the Florida Healthcare Law Firm has for years assisted clients outside the state of Florida*, this new development further cements the firm’s commitment to providing ethical legal counsel in the healthcare industry.

“We are very excited about it. The fact that we serve clients all over the country has been a small secret for a while but we realized there’s a huge demand and decided to just go for it,” said Jeffrey L. Cohen, Esq. Founder and President of Florida Healthcare Law Firm.

According to Cohen, “It’s just a strange area of the law.  Nearly everything in healthcare business is regulated; leases, employment agreements, compensation.  Things you wouldn’t think are regulated are strongly regulated.  And there are large fines and criminal penalties for getting it wrong!  Our clients understand that healthcare business of any kind has serious legal risks and that they need uniquely qualified help.”

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Acknowledged throughout the country for its service and excellence, Florida Healthcare Law Firm is one of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare legal services. Founded by Jeffrey L. Cohen, Esq and headquartered in South Florida, FHLF provides legal services to physicians and healthcare businesses with the right pricing responsiveness and ethics. From healthcare clinic regulation, home health agency representation and physician contracting to medical practice formation/representation and federal and state compliance matters, the Florida Healthcare Law Firm is committed to bringing knowledge and experience to a diverse group of clients.

#FHLF October 2011 Newsletter

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11th Circuit Court Lends a Hand to Florida Tort Reform

A recent decision out of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will help Florida’s tort reform efforts. As part of broad tort reform measures, the Florida Legislature implemented a $1 Million cap on noneconomic damages (e.g. pain and suffering damages). Florida has had a hard road in implementing tort reform measures, which often fall under Florida Supreme Court analysis; and many insiders wondered if the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta would strike Florida’s cap. Nope!

The case involved the death of a woman following childbirth. The District Court determined her death was caused by the negligence of her medical team, the members of which were U.S. military employees. The plaintiffs were awarded $2 Million in noneconomic damages, but the court reduced it to comply with the $1 Million noneconomic damage cap. On appeal to the 11th Circuit, the plaintiffs argued that the cap violated the state’s equal protection clause; but the court rejected the argument.

Since, however, the court did not address other aspects of the plaintiff’s state constitutional challenge (right of access clause, right to jury trial clause and separation of powers clause), the matter was sent to the Florida Supreme Court for final resolution. The state Supreme Court may take up the case; and if it does, it’ll be important to watch.